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  1. Re-reading this today to calm my anxiety about work.
    It is not my job to fix other people.”
    “It is not my job to make other people happy.”
    Jesus, help me!

  2. Whew! Thanks for the list of reminders! It is so easy for us to get swept up and into the chaos. Remember to celebrate when you catch yourself NOT being swept in and choosing self-care instead. 🙂

  3. Hi
    This is what I needed right now. I am in a very difficult situation with my daughter. It is much more hard to close off when it is ones own daughter. We had a very close relation before. She got into a very negative relation with a man and she lives with him without marriage, which is sinful but better than to marry this person. I am in a dilemma. I have tried daily for one year now to help her but she wants to live with him and now I am exhausted. So I have closed the relation. I cannot even talk to her anymore because I cry and become completely worn out. She doesn’t complain often, sometimes, but she tells that I am right when I speak about the situation and his personality and the negative relation, but I can feel the frustration anyway and the negativity. And I am so sad so I have to withdraw. She is 30 and I cannot fix her Life… I try now every day to give her over to God. I have said many times that I love her but I cannot help that I don’t cope with this situation emotionally. I feel strong in this since the relation goes against God’s intentions for us to live in. But my grief is sometimes unbearable. I Think I need prayers…

    Bless you all

    Taruna from Sweden

  4. I loved this! Now if I can just put it into practice!

  5. Oh man, I needed this. In the middle of something that I’ve absorbed too much of and started spewing out the yuck I took in. Now I have to mop up my negative emotions and remind myself, I can’t fix others and make them happy. Sure wish I’d learn to let things go…these steps will help me!

  6. Deb Weaver says:

    I’ve discovered that removing myself from overwhelmingly negative atmospheres is essential if they’re swamping me. It’s far easier to do so online or in entertainment choices than in personal conversations. The timer suggestion is excellent.

    I appreciate the sponge analogy. I need to develop more strategies for wringing out the stress.

  7. Michele Ann Shiver says:

    I love this article. You gave some really good examples of how to remove yourself from the negativity and chaos. Self-care is very important and I needed to read this article to remind myself of this. I start a new job next week with an attorney and will work 3 weekends out of the month at the girls group home. I have to remember when one of the girls is showing negativity and/or chaos, then I need to step back and take a break because I find it affecting me emotionally and physically. And if I am no good, then I can’t help others.