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  1. Sharron Witters says:

    Thank you Cheri! I have struggled with hyper vigilance since my husband’s brain injury. When he has a dangerous episode such as running away after dark, I become fearful of course and try to control every word I say and all circumstances to attempt to prevent his anger responses. I soon become exhausted and more fearful. I slowly realize what I’m doing and turn my fears over to God. I love the ANCHOR verses concept and will begin using it now! (His doctor is slowly doing some Med changes that have begun to help him.)

  2. I feel like I’ve been in a hyper state the last few months. These reactions are so clear to me, my body recognizes stressful situations and I catch myself saying/doing/reacting what I would think would be out of character for me. It has been a stressful season and I’m learning to continue trusting God even when I don’t feel like it. This post brings clarity and gives words to what I was experiencing. Now I will understand what is happening and why. I love that you said to keep an anchor verse in mind for when similar situations arise. I can’t wait to read the next post. I’m so glad God showed me this page.

  3. As always your writings and insights help me see myself so much more clearly and not as “defective” as I’ve been made to believe. Thank you once again for writing what I need to hear. 💜

  4. This is one of the best posts I’ve read! I, too, have had ALL of these reactions. Most people just focus on fight or flight, but I have long known about freeze because it’s one of my typical reactions. I tend to be flight or freeze most often, but I love that you added fawn to the list. In pondering it, I realize it’s true. I can’t wait for the posts on how we Biblically get ourselves out of the hyper-vigilant state. It’s something that I desperately need for my health, as stress responses and an over-stimulated nervous system are wreaking havoc!

  5. Mary Kay Robertson says:

    I am so pleased to find this community. I have know for several years that I am an HSP. Can’t wait to be part of this faith based community.

  6. Great info. I have never understood why my reactions can be so strong at times and this makes so much sense.

  7. I used to back down and often still apologize, repeatedly, even when I’ve done nothing wrong. But very troublesome to me is how outspoken and out of control I’ve gotten in more recent years!
    Heavenly Father, please help me learn a better, healthier, loving and mature way to handle my emotions and reactions. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.

    1. I can relate to the outspoken part. I know the Lord is helping me but when i overreact, then my sensitivity overemphasizes the overreaction. Ahhh! Learning about grace for myself and others!

    2. Mary Kay Robertson says:

      I can also relate. I have really grown in that area. However, I need to learn how to control my emotions while working in a cubicle environment with so many people around me. Smells and noises really bother me. I beat myself up for being this way, but know it is ME! Noise cancelling headphones don’t always help.