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  1. Christine says:

    Hi Cheri
    My name is Christine Fogarty
    I’ve been on a journey about this forever 😊 I read the scripture you posted about the fishes
    It made me smile because I’ve been like that most of my life
    I gave my life to Jesus 30 years ago
    As I read about Phillip and Andrew and think on Peter it brings to mind that alot of the time I too analysis and try to work out how can I do this then go into a state of anxiety to work it out in my own mind the lord is teaching me to thank him more to ask for his strength to do things I can’t do on my own
    I have peace for a while then the thorns of worry anxitety steaks my joy the lord is trying to teach me how to let go of myself and all the burdens I carry that are not mine I love and have comfort isiahia 55 that says my ways are not your ways my thoughts are higher than your thoughts I I I the great I Am can do more than you can even hope for or being to imagine
    So these words give me excitement outside of myself to see all god is going to do not only for me but for those I pray for
    I have tried to understand everything but now I understand thats exhausting me so I want to surrender that part of my mind to Jesus
    It’s our human nature I think to know the exact whys where fors 😊 but he is teaching me more more calling me to rest more in him and let him do the work I cannot do instead of trying to fix everything his calling me to let go pray yes then surrender
    By his grace I want to grow in the knowledge of his grace love thank you for this blog it’s really helped I hard it when my mind is going around in circles so I’m asking the holy spirit to help me stop this and surrender my mind back to him thank you father for hearing my cry
    The old self wants to return to those old habits ocd which do not help and rely on his peace instead to rest As you say in his peace instead of striving I think my pray is oh lord of heaven and earth help me cease from striving help me oh lord to just say no to the I’ve got to do do do and learn by your grace to just be why you do the work in me and those I pray for in Jesus name with thanks I pray for for this bless you lord x

  2. Robin Puchala says:

    It’s so wonderful to have someone actually focus on being highly sensitive. It wasn’t until I came to Jesus that I saw it as a strength …and what He’s done with me is amazing!!!

  3. What a GREAT message!
    I really needed this.
    I plan to keep it on hand to re-read periodically.

  4. I really needed to read this article. I felt understood, embraced, and empowered to receive “that grit” from Jesus Himself, who IS my strength. I hope to write you in the future and share more feedback, possibly buy some material, connect.

    With Warmth From The Heart,

  5. Cheri: You’re a gem! I so needed to read this today. Thank you🙏

  6. Thankyou for your work with this blog.
    I live in Sweden, the most secular country… Here it is even more difficult to be sensitive… Few understand or even accept it… What to speak of meet it…
    My own problem is that I look too much on the result of what I work for or want to share. And is sad when I can not reach out and be heard…
    But no one is more than the Master. I think Jesus was and is Hsp and He cries a lot over peoples insensitivity. That I get strengt from.
    Thankyou again!

  7. Have always seen myself as a weak person-cry so easily-give in to my husband too easily-can’t set boundaries… This post gave me some hope-will make a copy and reread as needed! Thank you.

  8. Thank you! This was a a great writing. I will re-read it.