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  1. anonymous person says:

    Thank you for writing this. It really struck a chord with me. Things that seem so easy for most people seem so hard for me, I get scared of the strangest things, I am easily startled, and I cry whenever any emotion gets too strong. I even shake like a chihuahua if I’m getting over a strong emotion. Being pretty small myself, I definitely relate to how small dogs aren’t taken seriously. There have been times when people wouldn’t let me help, just because I’m small. It’s incredibly frustrating when you know you can help, but other people insist that you just stay out of the way.

  2. My first dog was a German Shepherd. He was my personal Snuffleupagus from birth onward. My second dog was a German Shepherd. She flew out of 2nd story windows with nary a scratch. I don’t call anything under 10 lbs a dog. It’s a wind-up toy, not a dog. Calling them a dog is an insult to the species. I cried when I read this, Cheri. God wanted me to read it tonight, when I want to be a big dog, but He wants me to just bring my little dog offerings and be ok with that. “I don’t need to be ashamed of being a shaky little dog. All I need to do is give him all I’ve got.” I’ll try.

  3. Anonymous says:

    WOW!! All I can say is was this posted for me!?! Only God knows how much I needed this today! Recently someone brought to my attention the fact that I often put myself down. I didn’t and don’t mean to and I often feel like what I say is true, but really, why should I put myself down! I too don’t need to be ashamed of being that little shaky dog. May Jesus help me to give Him all I got!!