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  1. Gayle Kelly says:

    Very nice. The negative spiral of beating myself up when feeling overwhelmed has stymied me before. I’ve asked for mental healing. This is a good website! I will try some of this detachment dialog and see how it goes. Not about me and step back.

  2. Rebecca Angus says:

    I’m reading your book, OVERWHELMED, and am loving it so far. Through it, I discovered this website and your many helpful posts. I spent hours on it yesterday. 🙂 THANK YOU!
    I believe things I’m learning here are truly helping me. Now to implement what I’m learning. 🙂

    I’m having trouble finding the post that is supposed to follow this one.
    “Wondering what “I detach” looks and sounds and feels like? Stay tuned! They’re up next!”
    Could you please share the link with me?
    Thanks again! I truly appreciate your vulnerability and wisdom in sharing your heart! You are a blessing!

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  4. Reading your post I kept thinking, but how do you, “detach”. I am glad that is your next post! 🙂 I “detach” by turning to God and choosing not to be anxious. I actually say that. ” I choose not to be anxious and trust in You, because I know you love me, want the best for me and are completely soverign and in control.” Having said this, I had the adrenline rush last Friday and was overwhelmed time and time again. I felt completely out of control of my physical adrenaline response. I turned to God and prayed, but every time I thought about the situation it would rush right back. Just like you describe in this post. You are so right, my thoughts were overwhelming me…now I see. I turned to God, but did not fully release to Him. Can’t wait for your next post. My thoughts/emotions have been a thorn in my side for many years and I have been asking Jesus for healing.

    1. Cheri Gregory says:

      April — I can’t promise any quick or easy answers, but I’ll share what I’m learning! I SO understand what you describe about everything rushing right back…THAT very syndrome is what I’m seeking “new tools” for in earnest these days!