When Disaster Strikes 5 Ways to Push Pause Rather Than React

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  1. Cecelia Boswell says:

    Detachment has been working for me this year. The more I practice it, the better I become. I cannot take the test yet. I have to believe that I am strong enough to take it and to not let the questions deeply affect me.

  2. Ahhh here i am crying because someone gets me. And i drop my coffee too. Man i need to like tatto this to my hand to read during these moments!

  3. Wow. The one about keeping our eyes open and looking around really opened MY eyes (pun intended!) 🙂

    I realized recently when in stores, where the emotions of others plus all the physical things like crowds, lights and products all around overwhelm me, I tend to narrow my field of vision. I had already been feeling a need to look around more, so this confirms and explains why! Awesome!

  4. Can you please describe what an A.N.C.H.O.R. verse is (#4), above?
    Thank you! =)

      1. Oh, thank you so much. So good & Very helpful!

  5. Nancy Kenaston says:

    Oh Cheri,
    I began to cry when you said “safely on the other side of a pretty big wave”. I SO get it! I cried because of RELIEF that I’m “starting” to learn this. Tears of joy that you are already learning it too! Tears of frustration at how long it’s taking. Tears of thankfulness that God keeps putting tools here, right in front of me, to help me cope. I just discovered you today, and I’m SO thankful for that!!! What a gift, you’re sharing your life, your lessons learned, your tools & tricks you’ve discovered. Thank you~

  6. I like them all! It’s a process. I fear without one of the “steps,” I might miss the celebration. I will give it a go…just hoping for a less extreme circumstance for my first attempt! 😉

  7. This is such practical advice! I am going to use it this week. Also, I am really loving your book written with Kathi Lipp, “The Cure for the Perfect Life.” It is very relatable and helpful. Thank you!

  8. Love how you let us know that these new habits (reactions) took time to develop. Sometimes, I’m so impatient. I want to be the person I think I should be right now, but it takes practice.

    1. Nancy Russell says:


  9. Leslie Schmidt says:

    Recently I plugged up the sink putting too much stuff too fast down the garbage disposal (again). My husband was trying to help me with the plunger on one side while I held the stopper tight on the other side to get some suction. He was plunging and the plunger slipped, sending a geyser of dirty water into my face. I did the best thing I could have ~ I laughed and said, “I just took a shower already, honey.” It could have been disastrous and full of guilt/blaming/accusation or any other response but instead I diffused it. Thank you Lord for giving me the correct response.

    1. Cheri Gregory says:

      YAY!!! Now I’m celebrating even MORE!