When You've Heard Just Get Over it

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  1. I am the queen f informing things. So I neglected my health and emotional wellbeing. Slowly coming to learn to communicate better but God still has more spiritual gifts to bless me with. I am Sooo excited about this community.

    I cried during Mrs Doubtfire in grade 3, everyone in class laughed at me. I didn’t like that feeling so I grew a thick protective veneer.

    So grateful to God for the redemptive work He does in all of our lives.

  2. I have always stuffed my sensitivity down and put a lid on it. Never deal with it was my motto. Unfortunately, that lid kept popping off at the most INCONVENIENT times…and each time it was harder to put it back in place. Now, it is near impossible. Red lights flashing and alarms blaring. Contamination has reached a critical level! Thank you for giving me permission to deal with this. Praise God for getting me the help I need through you!!

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  5. Reading your posts is a key for me. It is all starting to make sense. Thanks for helping me to accept the perfect way God has made me. A key for me is turning to God when I feel overwhelmed and when those negative thoughts start. Before, I would turn to lots of other things to help me feel better and be calm, but nothing ever worked. Only God.

  6. This a great post, Cheri! To answer your question I did find key information that will help me on self care as long as I don’t over think it and worry about there being something wrong with me.

    You are right. The more I worry that I have a problem that needs fixing the worse that “problem” gets. Once my husband gave me some sound advice telling me that he loves me just how I am and that I needed to quit worrying about being like everyone else. He didn’t marry everyone else. He married me. Now I’m trying to be the best me I can for my family.