It's Just So Hard Being Me

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  1. I’m glad I’ve found your website and the “Grit & Grace” podcast! I was told for years that I was “weak,” “too sensitive,” or “crazy.”
    I can’t stand loud, abrupt noises, people. But, I have to listen to music/tv loud ( so my husband says) to shut out my busy thoughts.
    I notice the smallest things while missing bigger things such as buildings that have been in place for years!!!
    I can’t stand to have an empty stomach and I must get away from people one I’ve had my extrovert fix or I turn into Mrs. Hyde.
    I can’t tolerate people touching me especially on my forearms or my hair. Funny, I like hugs though if they don’t last too long…My house doesn’t have to be “neat as a pin” clean as long as I don’t see dust bunnies on the floor or trash in cans…I’m learning to laugh at these personality quirks because of what I’m learning here.

  2. For me the sensitivity to schedule, and God blessed me with a husband who hates plans and schedules. Also being sensitive to others emotions.

    Hubby is helping me so my need to try and fix the world stops, that I realise it is not my job to. To listen and empathise with others without wanting to usurp the role of a Christ who is their saviour and their only source of comfort and help.

    Taking time to be alone. To sit at home, read, and cook. Listen to classical music. That has probably been the greatest discovery, seeking time to just be alone.

  3. Sandra Pleasure says:

    Hello Cheri,
    Back in January 18th 2017 I filled out an HSP and received a warm response back from you welcoming me into the club. I’ve finally been accepted for being me and that’s so freeing. It’s good to know that nothing is wrong with me and I’m not alone in this highly sensitive journey. I’m making hard copies of all of your articles just in case I can’t locate you. I goggled, “Sensitive and Strong” and your website page came up but none of the articles that I’m seeing today appeared. Thank goodness that I was on Proverbs 31 Ministries this morning because that’s where I do most of my devotionals. Amy Carroll wrote a devotional about marriage and that’s how I was able to locate you. She mentioned HSP and I clicked on the link and you appeared. Could you help me find a way to keep current with your website? Looking forward to hearing from you.

  4. I am so sensitive to others feelings that I cry with them at he drop of a hat and other people don’t get it. From across the room I can read their emotions and start crying.

    Smells too. They affect me immensely.

    1. Amy, I agree completely. That is my worst nightmare right now. I pick up on other’s emotions and I turn into a waterfall of emotion. I used to be able to control this but at the moment. I feel totally out of control..

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  6. Oh my goodness, Cheri, I can SO relate to your sensitivity to noise. My husband and teen daughter like the TV on all the time–they love background noise. I can’t even THINK with the TV on. lol Thank GOD we have a big house–I just go to another section to read when I need quiet.

    I’ve just ordered “The Highly Sensitive Person” and am very interested in learning how to manage at conferences. I love to go, but the noise, tons of people, and slammed schedule reduces my brain to zombie-mode by the second day. Thanks so much for doing this series. I’ve really enjoyed learning about this subject I’d never really heard of or even realized existed. I’m looking forward to learning more! 🙂