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  1. Just the encouragement I needed today–thank you! 🙂 I try and try to fit in, etc. and it always comes back to Jesus and me, every time. And that’s okay!

  2. Lisa Choudhrie says:

    Hi Cherie- Being an HSP- i think i have 95% HSP traits and am also 5% of bold, eager beaver, no stage fright etc traits- and not knowing about it and then finding your website was a miracle orchestrated from God. This particular write up really echoed with me- ‘not fitting in’, being an ‘oversharer’ and eternally regretting it…. really enjoying spending time alone walking, being quiet, journalling, spending time with Jesus, being created ‘on purpose for His purpose’..
    thank you. God bless hugs and love.

    1. Most outsiders would say I am an extrovert and very transparent. But I’m am an HSP introvert who has lingering regret over at least one thing I said or did after being with others. A “why did I tell them THAT?” kinda thing. So you can totally be both. Lately I am finding more and more women who prefer a one on one or small group setting to foster connection. Even so sometimes I’m more comfortable being in a large group where I can just be funny , noisy and shallow. I think it makes me feel safer.