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  1. Linda Rapps says:

    Hi Cheri! I miss you guys. I am leaving my teaching job at the end of this year and taking a year to recover as an assistant at a Christian school. I’m not sure what my new budget will be but I’m hoping to figure it out in a couple months and come back to the cafe. Loved this article.

  2. Lisa Choudhrie says:

    Thank you Cherie. The feel wheel is so good- i shall use it often now.

  3. Barbara Edgar says:

    I greatly appreciate receiving Cheri’s emails. They often strike a cord with me. Joyce Meyer said in my devotion this morning that for 20 years she felt she had to do what was expected of her by others. Finally she realised Jesus has set her free to be HERSELF and not to have to apologise. I remember writing in a letter many years ago, why can’t I just be myself? But what took a lifetime to learn needs proper time to unlearn.