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  1. Nancy Russell says:


  2. This is brilliant. Two-fold. Because I never saw “going around the leaf “ before and SO recognized myself in it. Hysterical and insightful. New mantra. AND because I think this can actually work to de-escalate me when I’m blindsided, annoyed, frustrated (see what I’m doing there😘). I will print this out. I’m choosing maelstrom, not because these hiccups in my life are truly life-sucking but because I ‘allow’ myself to get sucked into a vortex of OVER emotion that set my mind to swirling about a small problem to the point where it robs of everyday enjoyment. A mindset of I MUST SOLVE THIS before I can do anything else.

  3. Sherry thompson says:

    I love this SO much!!!!

    1. So helpful!! And kind of goes along with what my husband told me earlier today! He was saying I don’t need to let small things derail me. If I am not sure how to handle it, he said to write it down and we can talk over it later.