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  1. generators. those things can be noisy, but if youre rural, they can at least run a furnace (most of the time) and a fridge periodically enough to run ya… 😉

    as far as me… um.. the crisis we’re dealing with we have no way to plan for whatsoever – my 35 year old sister getting cancer is not a crisis one is meant to ever plan to deal with.
    but i did go on meds for my depression and anxiety so i guess im probably getting somewhere..

  2. Brenda Heywood says:

    Just this week, my furnace quit working. We’re in the middle of a lengthy cold snap. It was -36°C (-32.8° F for the Fahrenheit friends). The house was dropping about a degree an hour. I was angry, very angry because this happened last year and my landlord has never come to address the problem. When I called him in a panic, he said he’d come the next day. I can’t call in a repair company since I do not own the house. I was calculating how long until things started to freeze in the house; how I would manage to bundle the kids. There’s no place to take them during a pandemic. What would happen to our cat. Not once did I even try to take this to the Lord and rest in His presence. When I came home from getting the kids from school, the furnace was miraculously running. NEXT time, I will remember to pray, and to be thankful. I’m putting a reminder on my furnace 😁 (Thanks for that great idea, Cheri.)

  3. This is so real. I really like the way you explain things. I often lose it, I even feel it in my stomach. It is so hard to think clearly at all. It would happen all too often and sometimes so easily. Usually there was a simple explanation which I could not see at the time. Is that what blindsided means? I find it hard to relate to that word. Is there another word.