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  1. anonymous person says:

    I have a recipe for chocolate spice brookies (brownie/cookies) that I paid money for, that includes either Ancho chili powder or cayenne (angry 😀 ) pepper as an ingredient. After carefully following the instructions, I did a mental double take. I had added all the ingredients as instructed, but I still had cinnamon and Ancho sitting out, waiting to be put in the mix. I reread the recipe, and while it did give the correct amounts of the spices, it didn’t say anywhere to actually put them in the mix. Luckily it was a fairly easy thing to add them in, but I just had to laugh at the fact that following the recipe perfectly would lead to some spiceless spice brookies.

  2. Good Morning Cheri,
    Signed up and doing the challenge! YIKES, in our clutter free appearance we sure do have a lot of clutter that is “hidden” from view! We have trashed, given away, blessed others with 304 pieces so far….and there are closets and drawers to go!!
    I had done it all RIGHT when I was on a weight loss journey some 9 years ago. I was losing a lot of weight but within healthy guidelines and it took be 2 years to lose the 100 lbs. I was on a bike ride around my neighborhood when a tree root came out and grabbed my bicycle tire and pulled me straight into the tree….a 60 yr old oak I believe. Injury’s to my legs, neck, head and arms were the visible ones. I had visits to my chiropractor who sent me to my doctor…..who sent me to an MRI tube….I was diagnosed with MS. WHAT?! I was getting healthy, met an amazing man, loved my job……and now I have MS?! It was devastating at first to hear! But with family, friends praying for me and my sweetie by my side, we chose to look at this as a step in the adventure. We renamed MS More Special, we chose to DO this together and knew that God had a plan. He does! We married in 2009 and within the last few years I’ve joined a group of MS-ers, who work out and eat healthy…so many awesome things are happening. Life throws a fork in the road and it’s the choice you have to take it down the “icky” path or the what do you have for me today God path! Blessings abound, for others, myself, family and my sweet husband. Thanks for the opportunity to share. Blessings, Chris

  3. Melinda Lancaster says:

    This happens quite often in my life. Usually not in such dramatic ways. But I try SO HARD to get everything right. Still, it doesn’t happen. I had an incident where my hubby had surgery. From the tbeginning me I kissed him goodbye before he was wheeled to the OR until the time I was taken (miles) to retrieve him in recovery he was lost. I wasn’t. But they couldn’t seem to locate him which meant I got no updates. It was crazy. In the end I was just thankful that all went well and the pathology report was normal. I don’t always find treasure in those moments. But at the very least I look for lessons.

  4. signed up for the challenge!
    Posted (as Story of My Life…)
    My “doing everything right” has been eating really well (annoyingly well, according to friends and family) and being physically fit for all my adult life. Then last year I found a lump. Under the list of breast cancer prevention- I was doing every one (kale, blueberries & beets have been staples for us, almost no processed foods, yoga for 20 years, blah blah blah…) So – the last 14 months I have been “fighting like a girl”, & knowing that this is part of God’s plan for me. Not sure why yet, but trusting. And finding silver linings daily.

  5. In May of 2010 our first grandchild was born! We doted on him and loved on him and we were all just thrilled to have that beautiful gift from God to cherish. In December, we had to give him back to God the day he turned 7 months old (SIDS). That was the ultimate case of doing everything right and it turning out so terribly wrong:)

  6. I signed up for the 21 day Clutter Free Challenge! I can’t wait!!!

  7. I signed up for the clutter free challenge. I would love to win the books.

  8. I hadn’t thought about my penchant for expecting things to go the way I expect to be a God-given characteristic. I had been telling myself I was just being selfish. But looking at it your way is a much more gracious way and more likely for me to deal with the disappointment with grace for myself and others. Thanks for the new insight.

  9. I have signed up for the 21-day clutter free challenge. Feel so much better when things are organized and needed some motivation to get myself on it. Thanks for the chance to win a copies of these two books!