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  1. WOW! This is so helpful to me. When most people talk about how to learn to set boundaries I usually feel like they “just don’t get it”.
    I’m just starting to learn boundaries setting at 56!
    Thank You!

  2. I starting hearing about healthy boundaries in my 30s via Christian books but had no history whatsoever having grown up as basically doing as I told, even being told what to feel. It felt I’d been dropped from outer space into a family of humans, I was so different. However, I realized early in my marriage that I had better figure out who I was & BE that woman or I was going to disappear. It took many years to learn to look for & listen to the Holy Spirit’s direction for what to do, how to invest myself, where to spend my time instead of my family or church but I started practicing. My mother & MIL often got very upset with me when I said no to anything. They had strong personalities & were used to getting their way. My husband is also a strong personality but very generous and selfless. Then in my 50s I developed serious, permanent physical problems/limitations & it all came to a head one day just before Christmas. I left the church crying because I brought sad little grocery store Christmas cookies to the annual bake goods for the housebound because I couldn’t fulfill the expectations of the other “church ladies” as I had done in previous years. it was the day my husband’s bday family celebration where I was trying to keep everyone happy & no one cooperated. I was in a lot of pain and exhausted so I was sobbing as I drove home and praying my heart out in frustration that I couldn’t seem get things right. In an almost audible message I heard Jesus call my name & say “you don’t have to sacrifice your body for your family and church, I’ve already done that”. I’ve since learned (in my 60s) that I’m on the perfectionist & HSP spectrum. I say spectrum because I still hate to admit to either title. *wink*

    1. Thank you, Pamela, for sharing your story. My story has been similar. I hope you are well.

  3. Cindy A Robinson says:

    At the age of 56 I stumbled upon some information regarding HSP and I had a weight lifted off my shoulders. It was as if I just learned why I over analyze and overthink. I wish I would’ve known this 40 yrs ago. I have been through weekly counseling for the last 5 yrs…….prior to that years of monthly counseling. Why couldn’t a therapist diagnose me?? HSP definately needs to be heard about more in the medical field. God Bless you for your faithful viewpoints.