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  1. I am definitely a Camp Cheri! I’m so glad I came across your website. I am 36 years young, and I recently found out I was an HSP! I’ve always struggled & been frustrated about why I was the way I was. Growing up was tough, I was bullied, some friends would think I was weird. Even as a Christian, for years I struggled, prayed, read countless books, online articles, taken personality tests. And I’m glad I’m not that only one. I can now truly say, I’ve accepted myself.

  2. Susie Sepetjian says:

    I definitely have a foot in both camps, but a little more on the Cheri side. The sensory overload piece is huge for me, but I am okay being labeled as sensitive. I work to let people know that sensitive does not equal weak. As I learn more about how uniquely I have been created, I am gaining more confidence in waving my HSP banner.

  3. Heather Podbielski says:

    I am more of a Camp Cherie with a slight few tendencies toward Camp Denise. I have always been an introvert and always cared what other people thought until a certain time in college. Now that I am almost 50, (on Sunday) I am grateful for the knowledge that being HSP gives and frees me! I think I need a plaque that says “God made you sensitive—in Christ, you are always strong.” in every room. At least in a room of my home and in my classroom.
    Thank you for your ministry!!

  4. Though, like you Cherie, I have read SO many self improvement books trying to rid myself of my HS reactions & personality tests trying to understand it, I’m far from experiencing the Disney transformation to joyous color. But something to aim for, right?! Like Denise, I still chafe at the words highly sensitive person. Strong perfume smells ruin me. Monday I opened an envelope of money in my husband’s desk and it had apparently been in the wallet of a lady who was well scented. I was instantly nauseous & had a migraine by noon. So I guess camp Diane with frequent visits to camp Cherie. 😉

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I’m definitely Camp Denise. I was raised in a home where I was discouraged of showing emotions of any kind. That has had some really troubling impacts on me as an adult. My hope and prayer is that I can raise my daughter to be comfortable in all aspects of how God created her.

  6. Emma Sawyer says:

    Good morning Cheri and Denise, thanks for keeping in touch. I’m right at the beginning of this journey of understanding this trait and finally accepting myself. I can honestly say both your experiences resonate really strongly with me. Like Cheri, I’ve always felt a bit like I live on the fringes and also that I can do well(ish) – until the moment I cannot. Like Denise, I cannot agree that this trait makes one “highly inefficient, easily fragile, overly emotional people who get sucked into other people’s drama and then wear out from all the strain”. It is simply not the case. I am also one who follows Jesus as best I can, and therefore live in that constant tension of grace, real love and the process of the good work being done in me and this present culture I live in. So the whole idea of re-claiming the strength of the sensitivity that drives our tendency to pour ourselves out is very, very good news to me just now. Thank you for doing what you are doing. I’m off to buy the book now.

  7. Stephanie says:

    I am definitely in Cheri’s camp! The day that I discovered about HSP, it opened a huge door of fresh air and sunshiny blue skies for me!! 🙂 I also have bought and read through more (tons) of self-help/personality books that you can imagine! I’ve known there was something different about me all my life, but I could never put my finger on it, the self-help and personality books would come kind of close but I was a mix of this and that and nothing ever explained it until I found the truth of HSP which has been a huge blessing for me, as well my family so now they also have answers as to the ‘whys’ of my reactions to different things,etc. I am reading the Sensitive & Strong book, and many, many pages are, yes this is me!! I am so thankful to have found this group of ladies, what a Blessing and a relief!! 🙂 Love you ladies!!