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  1. I have never liked myself in pictures; my focus goes right to all the things I dislike about myself. But on Palm Sunday, I was part of our church’s sign choir for the first time, and my daughter taped the program. When I watched the videos, I didn’t notice that I’m overweight or the mistakes I made. I was drawn to how expressive I was, how i was totally immersed in the words and worship. I finally got to see what others have told me about how they can tell I feel every word.

    1. Pat — This gives me the chills. SO glad you finally got to see yourself this way!

  2. Sharon C. says:

    I have a hard time seeing any God given quality I like. I know there should be one. I don’t even like taking pictures.

  3. Okay, this actually brought tears to my eyes. And then made me want to revisit the pictures (sorry, no videos!) of myself that I hate because I’m “too ____” and find at least one positive thing to celebrate!