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  1. Cheri,
    Congrats on reaching a full six years of your blog! I’m a recent follower; love how you share your heart and the practical, personal things you’ve learned in your journey! In this one, especially like #7–so true!
    Keep on sharing your treasures!

  2. i do not ask for help. i help, i take over, and then i’m bitter because i do it all. this is NOT GOOD. i am learning thanks to my adorable son, he always helps. i usually want to do it myself, but there is something in the goodness of this child that makes me accept help. his heart is so pure, he doesn’t do it because it’s the polite thing to do. he wants to help and lighten the burden on someone else. my point is, the attitude of the helper and helpee (is that a word?) makes all the difference.

    1. FYI, “Pride Before a Fall” is ALL about accepting help!
      Thank you as always for lending your eloquence to such a HELPFUL topic!