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  1. “Nothing heals like feeling heard”. – SO true and SO necessary.
    This article speaks to me in many ways, including “you should be over it by now”.

    Dr. Phil said many years ago – Time doesn’t heal all wounds. It’s what you do with the time that matters.
    I definitely have some unhealed wounds, and they definitely do not go away on their own.

    I have learned some things about those unhealed wounds just within the last year, which will help me to proactively work towards healing, instead of thinking it’s something I just need to “get over” or deal with from my own strength, which has been impossible.
    So, yes – a new perspective on something old is actually a new thing.

  2. Ohhhh those last two lines!!! My sister and I are highly sensitive in different ways – mine is emotional & the need to be understood and hers is, at times, debilitating anxiety. Listening and empathy and more listening is SO KEY. It’s easy to judge ourselves and wonder if our issues will ever go away. I love how honestly you write and confront these issues, Cheri. Thank you so much 🙂

  3. Sharron Witters says:

    Those last two lines are pure gold! My hurting heart needed this entire post. I’ve dealt with ambiguous loss of my husband who had a serious brain injury 13 years ago just 3 weeks after my beloved dad died. My husband’s continuous very difficult care along with a perfect storm of other challenges has finally landed me with an anxiety disorder. I have begun treatment but know recovery will be a very long process. Thank you for your vulnerability with all of us.

  4. This is such a wonderful post, Cheri! I only recently learned how to grieve, and how important it is to express my grief to trusted people.

    There really is something powerful (and deeply healing) about being heard.

    1. Dear Cheri,

      I appreciate your posts. Many seem to be written just for me. Just like this one. Unfortunately, I don’t feel I have ever really been “heard” by anyone. Especially those that it was important for me to feel “”heard” by. I’ve been told all my life I’m just “too sensitive.” Very discouraged.