The Problem With High Stakes Performances

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  1. Pamela Hand says:

    Speaking as President of a Women’s Fellowship group of fifteen women was just horrible. I only made it through by planning and writing out meeting itinerary in detail before meetings. God helped me change this group into a women’s activity group and a guild. Low-Key. Now, formal officers are no longer needed, just two team leaders. I twice had my husband plan our vacation without me thinking much, ahead of time, about overwhelm. Low-Key. Now, we plan together.

    Conferences. I went to a very large Christian conference and found it challenging to my senses. I did like the books, journal, and dvd I bought there. I want to eventually go to a writers’ conference in the future. If I do, I will make sure I get a room to myself or come home. I will do low key performance by joining a writers group nearby.

    Academics. I’ve learned to be flexible, but not sure I got this mastered. Lower Key. Study skills book called S.O.A.R. helps me. Of course, make sure I even want to get any more education first. I will make sure if I only want three writing courses then that is where I stop. No pursuit of a degree. Colleges are in the pursuit of my dollar. Low-key. I decide, not them.

    I have always kept birthday parties, holiday planning, and romantic week-end getaways, lo-key and sort of old fashioned by today’s and in-laws standards. Why doesn’t everybody? Simplicity.