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  1. Just found your site today and totally agree with all you’ve said. That verse has been my phone wallpaper for a long time, I rarely watch news, and don’t do social media. Glad to know I’m not alone!

  2. Katariina Mahkonen says:

    Thanks Cheri for this and all your posts. I really really appreciate your humbleness not to claim that one recipe works for all, but that you encourage every HSP to find ones own way!

  3. Janet Brown says:

    Yes, “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Thankfully, the bible provides so much wisdom for all of us. In regard to the media, it’s their mission to be the loudest, most forceful in order to gain your attention, so they’ll beat a dead horse over and over and when something new “breaks”, they will dramatize it into something more than it is. I stopped TV service entirely decades ago and it’s really freeing for lots of reasons. (For entertainment, I have ROKU and subscribe to a couple ad-free movie/TV show providers.)


    Hi Chery
    I need less Time to control everithing and the best méthode to read my bible and more time to just live or read my bible without a technique.

  5. Tonya Knorr says:

    Thank you Cheri, just what I needed to read. I do not a Facebook and do not watch the news. Too overwhelming for me, but I do google information which can be even worse sometimes.

  6. Beth Wing says:

    Hi Cheri. I am very particular about the information I allow or else I begin to feel overwhelmed. I get my news from sources I trust and try to get it from the original source instead of what some talking head thinks about it. I do not watch many videos because I would rather read and then I can shut it down fast and not have images going through my head. And same goes for friends, real and Facebook ones. I will not allow the evil in the world to enter my life as I have chosen life and not death! Blessings to you. Beth from Florida