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  1. Thank you, Cheri, for this. I’ve put rocks in my backpack, but I’ve also let plenty of others dump rocks in there, too. Thank you for the reminder to hand my “backpack” over to Jesus and ask Him to remove those rocks.

    Bless you!

  2. my older brother has been figuratively putting rocks in my backpack to carry for our lifetime. I just realized the other day I gave away too much of my power to him when our mom’s health failed a couple years back and now I want out from under his thumb and expectations. the hard part of carrying the expectations of others is they become some natural to us it is really hard to discern that it’s not our stuff sometimes. “It wears you out. depletes you. makes you believe the worst about yourself.” YES! YES it does! I’m going to give mine to Jesus and ask Him to show me which aren’t mine then, like you, He will give ME hinds feet for high places too.

  3. Such encouraging words!! Thank you Cheri!!

  4. Thank you Cheri- I’m an A type, HSP and a perfectionist and have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and mild depression and am also on treatment for chronic migraines and fibromyalgia. That sounds like a lot!!

    Yes, He takes our burdens- all those acronyms and labels and expectations!!