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  1. I can so relate. In some ways I enjoyed the lockdown because I had a rest from face-to-face interaction with people outside my home. I’m a natural introvert, so I became quite comfortable at home. Phone calls feel easier than in person interactions. Thank you for this post.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Wow this stepped on my toes in a very good way!! I do this so often, my family and friends are just used to seeing upbeat and cheerful most all the time. The few times that I thought I could have a real conversation with them about how I was really feeling, they looked extremely concerned and tried to fix me, thinking I had not been spending enough time with the Lord, was just being in a mood and needed to just get out of it, etc. So these days, I do like what you are saying Cheri, I will let the phone call go, get some alone time with the Lord, let Him be my sounding board and help me work through whatever I am going through. I love this message, and thank you so much for sharing this with HSP Sisters! 🙂

  3. So true. God wants us to be totally honest with Him, and the Spirit groans in intercession for us when words are insufficient. I have found that I prefer to grieve with God alone most often, rather than battling my constant analyzing of how what I might say or feel would affect another person. Only with Him have I been able to allow myself to weep deeply enough (often multiple times, over many months) to reach a point of sustained comfort.

    A resource I have found extremely helpful in the grieving process is “Journeying Through Grief”. It’s a set of 4 very short books by Kenneth C. Haugk, available through Stephen Ministries. Since we HSPs feel so deeply, maybe our grieving process is deeper as well.

  4. This is perfect for me today! And validation that when I stopped and let myself feel what I was feeling this morning was ok. I poured my heart and tears out to the Lord. And then I told myself to follow the pattern of the Psalms and give thanks and remind myself of who God is. I love every bit of what you wrote here. I appreciate you sharing your heart, and through it, connecting our hearts to the Lord. Bless you.

  5. Lisa Choudhrie says:

    Don’t want to say,
    I’m ok
    Yet, don’t want to hear
    Quick fixes, speedy solutions
    Even a prayer…
    Its going to fall on my
    Stopped ears…

    Hmm, Lord, i know
    yes, I do,
    That You’re in control
    of center stage
    And the green rooms
    and the cast and the crew…

    Yet, I need some place
    To cry,
    Do You think I’m ungrateful?
    Won’t be surprised
    If You say yes…

    But also, I know
    That this is THE DAY
    Your hand has wrought
    And even this mess
    You’ve carefully thought…

    Feels SO good
    To share my thoughts with You
    You’re the best, Lord
    You are
    and I’ll wait
    You’re working all things
    For me for my good…

    Talk about planning..
    Meticulous detail
    How do You get
    Everything to gel..

    Thank you, Dear Father
    Dear Friend of the Lost
    And Dear Helper
    Thank you, amazing
    Awesome God….

  6. Debbie Glendenning says:

    Wow, you really touched me tonight.

    Seems that Monday’s suck the joy right out of me. I am exhausted and barely can drive there 45 minutes home from work. As soon as I get inside, I have to be ready for getting in the kitchen and hearing the days activities. Really just need some time to delete and hit reboot.

    Praying for all of us! Thankful for the awareness and learning how to cope. It is a process!

  7. Thank you for this validating content at exactly the right time; I too am finally allowing myself to feel grief I’ve held off on for years and years. Trying to integrate it into my body and validating my emotions and experiences is something so delicate, it’s hard to find people to trust who won’t dismiss it. After feeling distant from God for a while I feel comfort reading your words and in the songs “randomly” playing from my Spotify while I read (it’s just on shuffle but three in a row have played that feel like direct messages for me in this moment)… Thank you Cheri<3

    1. Thank you, Cherie. You expressed that so well. And I appreciate the other comments too. All my life I have wanted people to let me be me. People cannot understand why I react differently.

      But many times I want to fix other people too. I think why don’t you try this or that? So I need to learn to accept others for who they are just as I want them to accept me for who I am. And not feel guilty or inadequate or not up to scratch because I respond to situations differently.

      Cherie I do appreciate your honesty and your understanding of situations and your Godly attitude.

  8. Dear Cheri!
    A very,very BIG THANK YOU –
    You are a blessing to me, dear sister!!!
    Best wishes and lots of love – may The Lord bless you and keep you.

  9. Andrea Virnau says:

    “And I will feel dismissed, as if their need for positivity is a higher priority than my current reality.” This. Thank you for this timely reminder that I can just lament-I can just Be. This year(2021) has been one of the roughest, and 2020 was rough, too- and I’m not factoring in COVID. I’m tired. I “ know” I should see a counselor, get back to AlAnon, have boundaries, take time for myself, -all the things. But I do not feel like it right this minute. I’m tired of hearing, and pushing myself, “to just keep going”, “suck it buttercup”, etc. It is good to be reassured that I am not alone. He hears. And you know how it feels, Cheri. Thank you.

    1. Andrea you have expressed my thoughts as well. I get so tired of other people telling me what to do as if it was an easy solution.

      So hard for some people to understand.


  11. Thank you, Cheri! This really spoke to me today, as I feel the same way right now when the phone rings. Ugh! Our family is also going through some major issues and I’ve been feeling drained. Thanks again!