She Said What? Jesus said Wise Women Say "No"

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  1. Awesome insight, thanks for sharing! Balance is so hard, maybe because it means we have to be about it constantly. I would be so happy if I could get all of my life in balance and then step back and admire the achievement. But once you balance a seesaw and step away one end goes up & one end goes down. And would I keep learning and growing more like my Savior if I stopped doing the work it takes to balance that seesaw of life? I don’t think so. It’s hard, but necessary work to keep growing in Christ-likeness. Also, if I was admiring the work of my perfectly balanced life my focus would be on me, and not the one who truly brings balance and all good things into my life. Sorry for the loooong comment!

  2. Seriously!!
    I have 6 kids (aged 7 yrs to 6 wks) and I try to say “yes” to their requests as much as possible (“Can I hold the baby?” “Can I help with that?” “Can I do a craft?”) even though it would so much easier to say no. But I think those would be selfish no’s most of the time – however, I would LOVE to be convicted/convinced enough to say no for a while every day to commune with my Lord. And I think that would be a wise no.