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  1. Cheri,
    Please know that your writing speaks eloquently to my heart and makes me feel as though someone “gets” me and understands the random tracks my brain takes sometimes. I was never the athletic type, so that was always the arena in which I felt the sting of rejection the most deeply, as a child and teen. As an adult, I have caught myself behaving in ways to please others and draw their approval–ways that don’t always match up with who I truly am. It is a daily battle to turn that need for approval over to God and accept the fact that He has chosen me, cares for me, and sacrificed everything for me. Thank you for reminding me how precious I am to him.

  2. Choose me! Validate me! It is the cry of my heart all too often. Your post was the sweet reminder that I have been chosen by God, the Creator of all. What a great anchor verse to hang my disappointments on,

  3. Such a lovely post! We sound a lot a like 🙂 thank you for being transparent and real!

  4. Beautiful post! Thank you so much for sharing… love your anchor verse. Many blessings to you!

  5. Thanks for this! Exactly what I needed to hear today. “I’ve been sensing that God wants me to learn to do the current task at hand well rather than keep rushing off to the next big thing. Perhaps fewer open doors mean more time to focus on the commitments I’ve already said ‘yes’ to. What a concept.”

    I tend to take on too much and do a lot of things poorly. Trying to work on my focus and follow thru, so I’m not running around crazed all the time. Blessings to you!

  6. Beth Anderson says:

    Cheri, your blog posts are a huge blessing to me!
    Love and Prayers,

  7. I relate so well to what you wrote!
    The young “Me” sounds a lot like you- chosen last, overlooked, picked on.
    The older “Me” continues to endure not being chosen. Quite often this results in inner turmoil and, often, tears. Recently at school there was a special committee that was formed to oversee a program at school. I was the only teacher in my subject area who was NOT selected. I allowed this fact to fester inside me, gnawing at me… What had I NOT done that I should have? Were the others somehow “better” than me at something?
    I completely forgot to stop and think that maybe not being chosen for the committee was actually a blessing. After all, I was already busy, both at school and at home. Maybe God had not allowed me to be selected, so that I could concentrate on other plans that he had for me. Whatever the reason, I have come to realize that I need to focus more on what GOD has selected for me to do: What is his good and perfect will for me?

  8. It sounded like you were writing about my early school life as you wrote of yours. I can also remember how when a new student would move to the area, the teacher would pick a buddy for the new student to show them around and help them make friends etc. I always wanted to be chosen to be a buddy to one of the new students but the teacher always picked someone else.
    Thank you for this post. I saw some insights into my own thoughts and actions from what you wrote and the scripture verse you shared really says it all.

  9. “I, however, am still delighted that it took me only an hour to move from disappointment to surrender to hope!” That is so me!! I’m such a slow learner (or stubborn learner, perhaps?). Thanks for the post. I just dealt with this issue the other day.