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  1. Wow! Bless your heart, Cheri! What a day! Praying for you when your company comes! 😀

  2. “Realize That the Only One Who Cares as Much as You Care is You” – I need to tape this to my kitchen window.

  3. I do the same thing!!! I have failed the computer part of the driving test here in Qatar, 2 times now. This last time, on the drive home, my lovely husband was trying to help me figure what I got wrong so I could do better next time. I just got upset at him because he surely thought he could do better than me and was better than me (which I was afraid was true). I couldn’t even remember what the last question was because I had already cleared the ugly scenario from my head! That sure isn’t helpful.

  4. I’m a disaster in the kitchen no matter how hard I try! Its one fact that I have accepted and still have fun! 🙂

  5. Karen Bell says:

    Cheri! I love your posts and look forward to them. You are such a sincere, honest, real person. I appreciate how you can share your shortcomings and your faith and love for the Lord. You truly are an inspiration to me.

  6. First, I love your click to comment button! It makes it SO easy. Lol, I can’t wait to read your free advice, but had to comment before I dashed off. Thank you for this post. I ALWAYS have a you’ll laugh about this later disaster when I invite company over. I am afraid to have people over because of it and then feel guilty for not being hospitable. It was just so good to feel like I am not the only one! I thank God for you. He helps me through you.

    1. Cheri Gregory says:

      April — Oh, I feel SO much better! My mother was the perfect hostess, and I am SO the opposite! But I long to be more hospitable. Maybe I need to start a monthly blog hop so we can share “What Went Wrong This Time” stories! That way, we’re guaranteed to redeem any disasters. (Although causing them just to blog about them would be a no-no…as if I’d need to go out of my way to create a disaster in the kitchen! 😉

      1. I read your tips and they have helped me as I knew they would and don’t worry you WILL be able to laugh at this in no time at all. Now that I think of the cloth napkin I didn’t realize had black shoe polish on the inside until the guests left (sweet man for not commenting!), strange smell in the living room that after the guest left we found out was a dead mouse under the couch, and the guest complimenting me on my homemade beverage and taking a big swig as my son announced, “We found that bottle in a dumpster!” I laugh so hard. At the time I chewed on the embarrassment for days and felt like such a failure. I love your scripture; will memorize it and remember, “nobody cares as much as you”. So good!

        1. PS even though I can laugh now, I still feel like a hostess failure. So again, thanks for sharing, because company is coming this weekend and I really need to remember that they want to feel welcome and they don’t care about all the other stuff as much as I do.