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  1. anonymous person says:

    I’ve kind of had the opposite problem at times. I’m an artist, and on many of my pieces, I’ve stared at it so long that I’m not sure if it has errors in it or not. Because of this, I ask friends and family what they think. Even if I’m certain that there are things I could improve about it, the only response I get most of the time is that it looks great. I rarely get any specifics as to what is good about it, and I almost never get ideas on how to improve. So I make a new thing, experimenting to figure out how to improve. I’m just never quite sure of what it is I’m doing right, and I feel like people are always saying my work is good because they think that any criticism at all might hurt my feelings, when I actually appreciate constructive criticism. As a result of this, I try to be specific when complimenting people’s work, and if they ask for a critique, I try to find at least one thing that could be done even a tiny bit better.

  2. Love your post. I had an experience with criticism this past week. The person did not know me well and tends to be a complainer. What she said to me was true even though I got angry and defensive. She chose to say it in front of 10 other people which is what stung even more. I appreciate Cheri that you put criticism into 2 different categories. I am going to be using your questions to ask myself as I am criticized in the future.

  3. How perfect is this. I just shared something and the person turned it around like I’m not doing it right if I …

    I have peace about it I shared, that was the end. The main thing is that we’re listening to the Lord, he is the prince of peace, I can trust he will let me know when I need to readjust

  4. Terri Goehner says:

    My dad always says “Don’t count your critics, measure your critics”. I learned at an early age to take to heart the feedback/criticism from people that had earned the right to speak into my life. Lots of people will criticize us, but few will do it with the right intentions.