What Did He Actually Say Becoming Less Hung up on How

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  1. All the time! I react to how from everyone, but those I love (?) get extra pressure. They should love and understand me AT ALL TIMES…right? However, I do not extend the courtesy I want to receive. Another area to let the Holy Spirit work on. He’s getting quite a list. -_- Thank you!

  2. From reading this, I think my husband may be a disagreeable giver, as well! When he is asked to do something, most often his default response is a groan. Even as he is getting up to do it. I have prayed about this, because I am a cheerful giver (to the point of door-mat-ish-ness in the past) and my knee-jerk reaction is “Well, I’ll do it myself, if it’s such a problem!” In praying about it and biting my tongue, it seems like maybe his noise is him changing gears- from sitting and watching TV or mental rest, to going and doing what he is asked. Because he always does what I ask him to (not that I ask often- I really dislike the groan and how prickly it makes me feel) and does not act put-out afterwards.

    Thank you for helping me clarify this in my own heart!

  3. Cheri, are you in my head? I have been busy and haven’t been reading all of your HSP blogs but today I’m stuck in the car. I thought it a good idea to check on my email.
    I am so stuck on “how”! I will try out your suggestions and get back to you. It’s a knee jerk reaction. It may take some time for me. My husband says I’m defensive and I say I’m not. Now I think I may be or is it my HSP?
    Thanks for thinking out loud for the rest of us!