How to Create the Perfect HSP Sanctuary for You

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  1. Thanks! It was a challenge for me at first to claim my bedroom as my sanctuary. From being an HSP, the littlest sounds would wake me up. Noises would just sound louder to me than to my non-HSP husband and son. I have become a light sleeper over the years because of it. My tired ears would pickup on my husband snoring, airplanes flying over my townhouse (live close to a major airport), the house settling, and the sound of my furnace/AC when on. The furnace/AC is so loud that I have to close my bedroom door at bedtime to muffle the sound. At times, would pickup on a continuous humming sound coming from somewhere outside, like from an electrical box. I am sleeping much better by using silicone earplugs, closing the master bedroom and master bathroom doors which decreased outside noises significantly. Some nights also listen to soft violin/piano music that helps soothe the mind. Thank You! Jesus

  2. Wow! I loved this perspective! It took the concept of “declutter” and made it a deeper, soul giving process. Tying it to the HSP was the key shift for me.

    Thank you for sharing it.

  3. Thank you so much, I felt supported. Living in a small house it’s even more of a challence to do so.

  4. This is all good, but when you share the bedroom with a spouse who is a non-HSP packrat, it is a never ending battle to just keep it less cluttered. I ling for a peaceful corner somewhere in my home.

    1. Haha, so recognizable. Living on your own makes ‘the battle of the blind eye’ so much different. (-;

      Hug to all our HSP’s who need to bare these extra frustrations. xx

  5. How cool is this – am going to implement asap. Thank you!

    1. Janel Cross says:

      Our den is my sanctuary. I love my morning quiet time there.

  6. We are redoing our master bath and bedroom right now. Great advice. Perfect timing!

  7. This was the most refreshing and encouraging thing I have read today. Thank you, Cheri!

  8. Even though I really appreciate the main idea of creating a sanctuary or haven, the point that hit home the hardest was at the end about having compassion for myself and giving myself permission to rest. For so many years, what I “produced” was the only thing of value about me. So I pushed myself hard to produce high volume and high quality. It “worked” for a long time. Now, I find myself lonely, exhausted and just wanting rest. And yet I feel so guilty about not being a highly efficient and highly productive person. I still feel like I should be doing/accomplishing so much more in my life.
    I appreciate the encouragement for self care.