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  1. Gabriella says:

    I just literally laughed out loud because I remember being in the kitchen overwhelmed by all the dishes and feeling so uncomfortable, held hostage there till they were done. Then it hit me that my feet were cold and uncomfortable on the hard floor. I grabbed some socks and a blessed pair of slippers (double sensory awesomeness) and my mood was so improved, I had a new found patience to tackle those dishes.

    Tonight,I just found out what HSP is by clicking on a friends Pinterest post linked to you. I have been reading almost every post of yours I could for the last hour+. I feel like I make more sense now. I used to think “it’s exhausting being me”

    I swear I said yes to nearly all the self assessment questions. I like to adjust lights, sounds, and sit at a restaurant facing a wall or cozy corner so I only had a pleasant shade of paint and my lunch companion to look at. I used to laugh and call it “Gabby Shui” (my own personal feng shui) 🙂

    Thank you Cheri, for all your Holy Spirit lead teaching! This is so encouraging! 🙂