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  1. Cheryl Price says:

    Another very insightful, timely and helpful article. I traveled from CA to the Southeast losing 3 hours. Then we lost an additional hour due to “Spring Forward”. I felt a little guilty sleeping so much during a family visit..
    it all makes sense now..

  2. Wow. I’m gobsmacked. I despise time changes, especially the spring forward. It messes up my sleeping, body chemistry and especially my mood. I feel like I’m behind on my day before I step out of bed each morning and then spend the whole day mentally rushing to catch up…failing of course, so there’s the bedtime list of failures to mentally go over as well. Plus the promises to myself to do better tomorrow. It makes me mad at the geniuses who created this assault against my brain and natural rhythm. But I never associated these things with being a HSP before. Now it makes more sense so hopefully I can quit gripping about it to my family and berating myself for being such a sissy while everyone else seems unfazed. I’m going to praycess ways to deal with the expectations I place on myself and the resentment I feel over others fiddling with my schedule. Wish me luck!