6 Right Choices to Make After Any Mistake

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  1. Hardest: I hear the wrong voices and dwell on it for weeks. I punish myself. And I throw a pity party.

    Not sure any of the options are easy at this young stage. However, I plan to put this list in a visual spot and refer to it daily!

  2. I can’t really say that any of these choices resonate with me! But I was reminded that many years ago, just before I bought my first car, I knew that there was a really good chance that I’d unintentionally lock my keys inside, and probably more than once. So I decided to give myself permission/grace to goof, and also made sure that I got AAA so I’d have the help when needed. I wish that had been a habit I kept up – to often I find myself feeling foolish or berating myself.

  3. I try to look for a silver lining and something positive so choosing gratitude is probably the one that comes most natural. However, on the flip side, those damning voices!!! I beat myself up emotionally this way too often.
    So glad you are alright and are able to look at the situation logically! A great lesson for all of us!