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  1. This is new to me and explains a lot of angst and self condemnation. In my case it is most obvious in sew-a-longs. During COVID I took part in a weekly slow stitch thing where a British gal taught a new embroidery stitch each week that you put on cards you’d embellish with various ephemera. I used the back of the cards as a journal. I never finished all 52 of course and it still haunts me and I still berate myself for being a slacker. Although the ones I did complete are amazing. Maybe I’ll get back to them 😏 I also joined in to a monthly embroidered quilt square group. I finally finished and made a table scarf of the embroidered squares last summer 🤣 because, wait for it, I don’t know how to quilt! Does this also apply to starting a movie and “having” to finish it while the hubby snores beside you? I did fall prey to a monthly make up subscription when I was a teenager. But to have those random numbered craft cards mess with me would have sent me over edge!

  2. Pam Watts says:

    Yes! This! I learned years ago that “incompletions are an energy drain.” So what did I do as not-yet-recovering perfectionist? I kept trying to “complete” all. The. Things!
    Add into that mix that, like you, I get such a seratonin boost from STARTING things.
    So many beginnings. So few completions. Such exhaustion and guilt from all my unfinished.

    But “what if …?”

    I love this!