10 Things to Do When New is Hard on You

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  1. Thank you for this excellent list to prepare for new situations. I found most of these on my own which reassures me. I discovered after my daughter’s wedding years ago another option. What are my expectations or those of the other people involved? Then when I come home or decompress, my heart isn’t aching over what should have been.

  2. Elise Knight says:

    I have to thank you so much, Cheri, for pulling together so many attributes and finally putting a name on something that I’ve wondered about for so long in regards to my 17 year old daughter! I had her take the HSP test and she marked every one of them except maybe two lol! 🙂 I’ve read so many books and articles trying to put a finger on what makes her the way she is (especially since I have a psychology background and had time to observe her since I homeschooled her) but could never really put my finger on it. HSP really describes her and helps me so much in being a great mom and friend to her! Your list was great and I know she does a lot of those things on her own instinctively… as we think about her preparing to go to college I want both of us to plan these things out! The prayer is the most undervalued but most important element I’m sure! Only thing I could add is something that she’s always insisted on because it helps her… planning plenty of time to get somewhere and being early when it’s a new place definitely helps! Thanks SO MUCH again and God bless!

  3. This is excellent! I do many of these now, but how I wish I had known them growing up, as an Army brat, and moving so often.

  4. I wish I’d known I was a HSP when I was young!!! I think one of my sons is a HSP and I’m hoping information like this will help him avoid the discomfort and anxiety I experienced for 35+ years. This is a fantastic list!!!! Thank you for writing about this!!

    1. Ditto! Do you suggest any good resources for men?

  5. This is great advice and I can’t think of anything I would add to it. I also appreciate your affirming words at the end, “When I quit trying to be who I’m not, I start to care for who I actually am.” Thank you!