One Simple Way to Know if You Can Trust Your Feelings

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  1. Thank you. This is very helpful. I deal with a lot of guilt over everything, which makes me feel disconnected with God. The 2 questions are great for helping me sort through false guilt and true guilt.

  2. Helpful to dig out from under the murky thinking and negative emotions to Truth, which leads to freedom.
    Helpful to be pointed in right direction when doing the overthinking work too.
    Thank you!

  3. Thank you. Thank you. I love your post and I’ve listed to Grit n Grace for a while now. It renews my spirit in the morning on my way to work. You and Amy have a gift of encouragement. Please keep it up.

  4. Cheri, thank you. That is really, really helpful.

    Jesus, help me retain this practical way to discern the reality of each situation in which I have strong emotions. Help me release desolation and receive your consolations.

    I just looked up “consolation” at There is a lot of good Scriptural comfort. One bit:
    Easton’s Bible Dictionary—
    Consolation of Israel: A name for the Messiah in common use among the Jews, probably suggested by Isaiah 12:1; 49:13. The Greek word thus rendered (Luke 2:25, paraklesis) is kindred to that translated “Comforter” in John 14:16, etc., pkrakletos.


  5. I believe that satan uses moments of simple mistakes like your suitcase scenario to spiral us into feelings of desolation. This is satan”s specialty–making us feel bad, guilty,isolated (from God) and hopeless.

  6. I’m very glad for this post, Cheri, because it helped me clarify that what I’ve been feeling for quite awhile has been desolation. Some of this has had to do with old regrets rehashed a lot. The answers to the two questions aren’t straight yes or no – I haven’t moved out of my faith in God but I have probably been angry at Him for awhile, and I haven’t always been my authentic self.

    I can relate so well to the “should have/if only”. Those words are like spiritual and mental paper cuts, or salt rubbed into an open wound!

  7. This is really helpful. Thank you.

  8. Great perspective. And might I add great advice. Definitely going to ask myself these questions. Thank you!!!

    1. Eva P. Scott says:

      This is a great article that touches on a lot of things.