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  1. Barbara Edgar says:

    Thank you Cheri! Many blessings to you and Raffi! While I do not wish to be in the Cafe, I do appreciate your emails. I love your enthusiasm, I think most HSP’s are enthusiastic about things. I love the way you explain things. You are easy to listen to.

    Just to explain where I am emotionally at the moment: I often find it difficult to cope when I do NOT receive affirmation and understanding from significant people. I have decided to praise God and worship Him. I lift my heart to Him and try to focus on Him.


  2. I love the idea of speaking up for those of us who need more time to process information. I’m always the one looking around wanting to see/ask if anyone relates to things. Also love estimating how many people are 20% of the room! I’m grateful to discover my sister has similarities to me. So so thankful for her.

  3. Joyce Dunn says:

    I like what you said here. Yesterday my daughter and I attended a Bible study that we had been attending with these people previously. It was at a house instead of at the church. It was sort of chaotic and women were speaking all over the room and order was hard to obtain. After an hour, I looked at my daughter and she said can we leave please even though there was still more to go over. I jumped at that request and couldn’t wait to get out of there myself. It surprised me that we both felt the same way and she was a preemie and has issues with being hyper sensitive but I didn’t know that I was 🙂 Is was not a good learning environment for me when people are just shouting out and debating politics and doing things that really did not pertain to the study and it really did affect me.
    At one point I actually asked the hostess who was leading, if we could get back to the Bible study. I was not trying to be rude but I felt like we needed some order. I was a little upset yesterday when I got home and could not put my finger on what I was feeling. As I discussed it later with my daughter it dawned on me that I am similar to her in my sensitivity but she has even more sensitivities with touch flashing lights and things like that. I just seemed out of sorts with the way people were speaking and there was not order in the room and it seemed rude to me. I think it is more that it felt chaotic and I couldn’t wait to get out of there 🙂 I’m not sure about next week but we may need to take a week off 🙂 thanks for speaking about the subject and teaching about it I appreciate it . Blessings. Joyce