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  1. I couldn’t get the video to load so I read the transcript which was fine because I’ve listened to your podcast so much I can kinda hear your voice in my head. I loved the metaphor. Last year I jumped into a new stretching program with too much vigor & did something around the sciatic nerve which has given a lot of pain since. Walking like an old lady when you actually are an old lady…not cool. I tried resting, moving, stretching, all the things because like you say I didn’t know the real issue. I have a different chronic pain issue for 13 years now so pain is not a new thing but I resent having additional, feeling like I paid my dues. I KNOW from experience that small steady slow is the only lasting result but I forget. Thank you for this teaching. Today is our 44th wedding anniversary and I joked that we still have kids living at home because our son lost his job due to COVID19 & lives in a hotbed of COVID cases so is staying here w/us. I about died when they extended the stay at home for another month! Being an introvert, just my husband & I would have been fine but the 3 of us struggle & have VERY different life styles & now it’s like ALL the feels. I have a big closet to hide in but I’m gonna push thru to godly behavior. Thank you for preaching truth to my HSP heart Cheri.

  2. Dear Cheri,
    This message just had such an impact on my HSP heart!!!❤️Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I can relate to every single example. I so appreciate your honesty and vulnerability! I have had physical therapy for two “frozen shoulders”. One came from an injury I had nearly forgotten, then I broke the other shoulder. Both times I slowly favored my shoulder (thinking the pain would go away by itself)until the damage required PT.
    During and since that time I have been “overwhelmed” by a number of unexpected losses and disappointments. Because the pain of each overlapped I stuffed them thinking they would just go away! Since most of these things involve family members, they of course will not go away!!!! I find myself in a place where my emotions are “frozen” until a new pain or a trigger strikes and I react in anger. Then of course the guilt strikes and I retreat. I have literally run away from home, and locked myself in the closet before!😝
    Your message has defined my reality for me! God has been nudging me to address these things for longer than I’d like to admit!! I’m afraid if I start to cry I won’t be able to stop, or if I start to “bleed” I will bleed to death! I know God will catch me but it is so hard to let go!
    So “small”, “slow” and “steady” sounds encouraging! Time to start!! It’s now or never!
    With gratitude!
    P.S. I love hearing the birds in the background! You obviously keep your window open! 🐦