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  1. I just read this message story of the woman who washed Jesus feet with her tears this morning. Later this morning, overwhelmed by many friends with needs, I was shedding tears and could stop. It hit me – “yes, you’re Highly Sensitive. This is why all the tears”. Remember that Jesus was moved with compassion many times. He loves our tender-hearted tears and understands. So glad I was able to find this post on your blog. Thank you.

  2. Lori Wahl says:

    What is so wrong about tears?! Even Jesus wept-probably much more than is even recorded.
    It is more about others not being able to handle someone’s emotions-it says more about t-h-e-m -than about something being “wrong” with us.

    God made our tears to carry stress hormones-crying is a healthy thing!

    I see it as an outward validation of some kind of inner hurt, stress, etc.

    Let’s not be ashamed or self-condemning for crying easily.

  3. I love to read all the verses about tears in the Bible. They are something that is important to God!
    I think he must have a big bottle for my tears!!