Why Good Enough Has Been a Hard Lesson to Learn

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  1. Charlotte Parker says:

    Even though I worked as an R.N. most of working life before retirement, I did not have that mentality of work perfectionism at our home…on the other hand, my husband was a perfectionist just on the projects he was completing around our home and acreage. We have taken many years to come to agreement when good is good enough!

  2. “Good enough”…the very idea is foreign to me but life changing.

    Thank you!

  3. Wow…. I found myself just nodding my head. It seems that my parents always expected me to be perfect. Good enough wasn’t good enough for them. And now I work in a FDA regulated industry that expects perfection. So, I’ll strive for perfection in my job. However, I’ll work hard to remember the Good Enough is enough for many things.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  4. This is just awesome and provides much food for thought. Thank you for sharing! I struggle with perfection vs. good enough all the time. Good enough is so freeing if we can let go of perfection to be able to get there. Easier said than done!

  5. In fields where there is zero room for errors, like medicine, we put in place double checking protocols to decrease errors. It helps improve the load that perfectionism places on our jobs.

  6. Sandra Fritschle says:

    This perfectionist really appreciates your insight! I need to remember these guidelines throughout my day. Blessings on you!