A Tale of a Girl Who Found Her Voice

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  1. Wow , Cherie your writing really struck my soul like a lightning bolt, I feel for the little girl and the teen inside of you ! Thankyou for sharing ! The voices that were loudest in my childhood were those of fear, those of you are not important, and those of you are responsible to fix everyone and everything. The voice I hear today is most days that of my Saviour and I am forever blessed and thankful for his light shining into those dark places!

  2. Yes. This. Exactly.

    This is probably the most “on point” post I have read today…it reached me. It took too long to find my voice.

  3. Victoria Mininger says:

    Powerful Cheri! Simply Powerful. As I read your words I found myself thinking back to some of the voices from years past and thanking the Lord that through is healing power that I am learning how to combat those lies that would want to come and undo all God has done. Thank you for sharing your heart and this delicate process of finding our voices.

  4. You have a beautiful voice, Cheri! I’m so thankful you are using it for Him!!

  5. Cheri: What you wrote made me think of all the voices I hear. Until recently, I have only heard other voices. What an amazing way to think about how we shut down our own. Thank you for this amazing post.

  6. Sorry, I misspelled your name, Cheri!!! Can’t imagine why I did that! Ha!

  7. Wow, Sheri! We have even more in common than I thought. This girl without a voice has such significance to me right now as I’ve struggled with my actual physical voice. I can’t wait to read the upcoming posts. This one really touched me tonight.

  8. Tears came to my eyes as I read your words. I’ve been struggling the last three months with the voices that tell me “It’s always your fault”, “You’re not good enough”, etc., since I was a child. I thought that I had put the hurt behind me. However, when an in-law spoke some unkind / hurtful words, I ended up in a Christian counselor’s office trying to sort everything out. I know the ‘old’ voices are the lies of Satan but I’ve been brain-washed and it’s a minute by minute struggle to remember the truth. Prayers for you and for me….

  9. Beth Anderson says:

    Wow! …… It hurts me to hear you had “those” voices….. I had my own voices… Well, not my voice but other’s voices. I wasn’t supposed to voice my desires, my wants, my opinions. Never have any expectations…… Who did I think I was? I was stubborn though and sometimes I spoke up. Speaking up hasn’t always served me well though…especially when I moved to the South! 🙂 After 52 years, I try to listen to my own voice and God’s voice. I take in what others say. Sift it. And keep what I believe I need to. It works. Most of the time.
    Love and Prayers,

  10. Can’t stop thinking about the Tori Amos song, “Silent All These Years.” A secular and odd song, but same theme.
    “I said sometimes
    I hear my voice
    And it’s been here
    Silent All These Years”
    Yay! Your voice is so strong to us, your readers; glad you are listening too. Thanks as always for your honesty.

  11. Cheri,
    Wow!! This is so powerful and I see my story through yours. So many of us keep silent while others tell us how to live, what’s appropriate, what we can’t tell and how we should think. This is beautiful.