One Cure for a Procrastinated Life

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  1. anonymous person says:

    I know exactly what you mean. Most of my projects are pretty involved. I generally need a clear table to do them, but inevitably I’m a couple of days from finishing, and someone discovers that they have some new thing that absolutely requires the table. That project pretty much always gets pushed out of the way, and then just sort of gets stuck. I’m very territorial about any space that’s been labeled as mine because of this.

  2. Great idea for works in progress, and I can really relate to so much of this post.

    My problem right now is that I have SO MANY things that need to be done that I’m overwhelmed with where to start, so I start nothing. Then I feel guilty, lazy, etc and beat myself up for being so paralyzed. I feel like if I try to prioritize this gigantic list, that I’ll make a mistake and prioritize the wrong things, leading to more blame, so I don’t do anything.

  3. I love these ideas, Cheri. I’m going now to label some projects that I have to set aside. What a time saver this will be!

      1. Cheri, I am doing this massive clean-out of my sewing/craft supplies.
        Actually writing out a plan for the projects I am keeping is such a help to me to leave things in the give-away boxes and actually add to them.
        If I can’t write a plan or explain in writing why I want to hold on to things, I’m letting them go.
        While I was pretty good at organizing, this step of writing out the plan is just so good for me; thank you so much.

        1. Elaine — This is GREAT input! Thank YOU so much for feedback about how this has worked for you in your process/processing! 🙂

          1. I had another thought on Sunday I can share with you that really has turned off the guilt and shame voices – I’m preparing gifts for others while I’m cleansing my house and soul of what has become clutter instead of art supply/inspiration.

            I am so grateful for your insights and help.

            Thank you.

  4. I’ve been wanting to write you since you wrote about the persons who unsubscribed from your blog. Your topics make me think and look at my life and I see that sometimes I need to change some things. Maybe it did the same to those who unsubscribed and they didn’t like what they would have to change. Have a wonderful Sabbath!

  5. Love it! I hadn’t recognized this as a form of procrastination, but it is. I have trouble when there are many things to do that all need done. (Or I think they all need to be done anyway.) I just do not know where to start. I do a couple of things. First, at the end of a work session, I write out a list of the three things I need to do next time. Only three. I have found that is a key to my mental health. Only three. And then there’s the silly solution that I hesitate to even mention because it is just so silly. At home, there are a gazillion things that need doing, most of equal importance. I cannot get them all done in a given week. Believe me. I tried. I can’t. (Well, not and still eat, sleep…..) So I wrote each one on a slip of paper and put them in a pretty box. Then when I get stuck, I pull out a slip. To make it more of a game, and thus more fun, some of the slips are for things that are just plain fun…like read or knit or…… I actually get a little frisson of joy when I draw out a slip.

    1. Elisa — Doesn’t sound silly in the least! I have a “laundry list” of things just like that — equal importance (and in my case, pretty much equal avoidance!) LOVE the idea of turning it into a game … AND including the fun stuff!

  6. Sharon C. says:

    You got me. I saw myself in everything you said and if you don’t believe me you can come to my house. Thanks for the insight.

    1. How about I pretend not to believe you so I can still come to your house, Sharon? 😉

      1. Sharon C. says:

        Cheri, through your blog I feel like I’ve come to know you as a friend. I wouldn’t invite just anyone over but you can come anytime. I have such a terrible time keeping up with things due to medical problems. Maybe we could have a cleanup party? Have a great weekend.

        1. Sharon C. says:

          I read your seven steps but I’ve made so many mistakes in life and there are no do overs. As the 13 year anniversary of my gastric bypass approaches I realize what does matter in life. I’ve damaged my health, my relationships with my children and granddaughter, my outlook on life. relationships with others. I have no energy to do or go anywhere. I’ve gained 60 lbs. and feel depressed over that. God gave me the most wonderful, understanding husband that never judges or complains. I just don’t know how to love and forgive myself.

  7. Holy camoley Cheri!!! It’s like you are sitting inside me brain and seeing my world right now!!!! I am DEFINITELY going to try this IMMEDIATELY!!! My biggest issues are with work items, and since i don’t have “binders” I will adapt and use a OneNote page iny folder to log those “next three steps”! This could so work! So excited! Thanks for being so transparent Cheri. It does help to know I’m not alone and it’s not because I’m a failure! I’m just in progress…

  8. Merri Lewis says:

    I love it! Definitely gonna give this idea a try with all my projects, too!

  9. Love this Cheri! What a great tip! I’m a lot like you, so I can really relate to this! Also, it gives me another excuse to buy more post it notes and of course, that is something I am always more than happy to do!

    1. So glad it resonated, Danica! But I’m confused — are you trying to say I need an excuse to buy Post It notes?!? 😉

  10. Terri Goehner says:

    Great idea. Will definitely try this.

  11. I like this idea I think I need to use it thanks